How to Style a Bucket Hat Mens: Top Tips

How to Style a Bucket Hat Mens

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The bucket hat for men is the type that has had a massive return in recent years as a fashionable and practical accessory. This small hat with a wide brim downwards can easily become the accessory that will make a man’s casual outfit look classic and casual at the same time.

Bucket hats can be worn in any form or style and what is most important is to ensure it harmonizes with the rest of the outfit. In this guide, we will explore the best way to Style a Bucket Hat Mens.

A Brief History of the Bucket Hat

Style a Bucket Hat Mens

A brief history lesson (minus the snooze fest). The bucket hat—a simple, round, soft hat with a downward-sloping brim at its zenith in the ’80s and ’90s, then slumped. But hold on to your seat—they’re back, baby!

The hat’s utilitarian origins, designed for fishermen and Irish farmers in 1900, is the look that’s now turning heads all year round. The story of the bucket hat’s resurgence is tied to its versatility; it’s not just a piece of protection from the elements; it’s a canvas for style.

Summer Fashion Flair

For those golden days of summer, keep cool and look cooler. A lightweight, breathable fabric in a neutral color is your go-to. Imagine pairing a khaki cotton bucket hat with your favorite tee, a pair of shorts, and some classic canvas sneakers.

Style a Bucket Hat Mens

This isn’t just a look; it’s an attitude. When the summer sun is blazing, the bucket hat aims to shade your face with laid-back, casual vibes. Think of a light blue denim shirt with rolled-up sleeves and tailored chinos, finished with a neutral-toned hat.

Winter Warmth with Style

The bucket hat isn’t just a one-season wonder. For colder weather, opt for wool or a thicker fabric in earthy tones. Picture a snug corduroy hat in olive green; it’s warm, practical, and effortlessly stylish.

Pair it with a trench coat and a chunky sweater, and you’ll stride through the winter chill with all the ease of a guy who’s got his style and his comfort in check.

Accessorized Elegance

Not all accessories are created equal, but a bucket hat is guaranteed to multiply your cool points. This may be the time to explore a quirkier side with a printed or patterned hat. A bold stripe or a fun graphic can be the main event of an outfit or jazz up a simple look.

It’s all about balance, so if your hat’s loud, the outfit should be kept simple. A white tee, some dark-wash jeans, and your trusty Chuck Taylors will never steer you wrong.

Experiment with Different Styles

Versatility is the bucket hat’s most stylish feature. For a day out in fields or parks, match your camo-print hat with a workwear jacket, rugged boots, and dark denim. On other days, channel the ’90s with a monochromatic fit. Black on black with a touch of gold can turn the bucket hat into a luxury-inspired piece.

  • Monochrome Magic: Keep it sleek and modern with all-white or all-black ensembles. Mix up textures to avoid looking like you’re wearing a uniform.
  • ’90s Revival: If you’re nostalgic for the ’90s, pair your bucket hat with a shell suit or tracksuit pants. It’s an all-encompassing way to live out your retro dreams.
  • All Black Everything: Opt for a black bucket hat and pair it with a black leather or bomber jacket, a white tee, and fitted black jeans. It’s a timeless look that always works, especially when the occasion demands a bit of understated cool.

Choosing the Right Bucket Hat

Style is personal, and so is the bucket hat that goes on top of it. Here’s a quick guide to making sure you’re choosing the right one.

  • Personal Style: Are you a classic dresser, or do you lean more towards contemporary streetwear? Your personal style should align with the hat you choose.
  • Size Matters: Don’t wear a hat that’s too small or too large—find the right fit using a sizing chart. A hat that’s too tight is a serious no-go in comfort and style.
  • Fit is Key: A well-fitted hat should sit comfortably on your head, with the brim not too floppy or rigid. Remember, it’s supposed to frame your face, not obscure your identity!
Style a Bucket Hat Mens

Types of Bucket Hats

Not all bucket hats are created equal. It’s time to get down to specifics.

  • Classic White: No-nonsense and versatile, a trusty white bucket hat complements nearly any summer ensemble.
  • Boonie Hat: With a wider brim and a more rugged look, the boonie hat is perfect for wilderness excursions or when you need an extra adventure in your urban escapades.
  • Black Bucket Hat: Go sleek with a black bucket hat. This one’s a keeper for those wanting to add an edgy touch to their street style.


Styling a bucket hat for men is a fun and creative way to add personality to your outfits. Whether you’re looking for a casual summer look or a sophisticated winter ensemble, the bucket hat offers endless styling possibilities for every fashion-conscious man.

Experiment with different styles, choose the right hat for your personal taste and confidently rock this iconic accessory with flair.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

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