How to Tell if an 18K Gold Necklace is Real: Easy Tips

How to Tell if an 18K Gold Necklace is Real

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Today, there are numerous fakes within the market especially in most counterfeit 18K gold jewellery. This piece will enlighten the seeker of real jewelry including necklaces, rings, and any piece of jewelry that is 18K gold.

In this comprehensive guide, you will find practical techniques regarding distinguishing real from fake 18K gold that involve using simple instruments and our eyes only Visual inspection and the density test, the acid test, and the magnet test. We will describe estimation methods known and employed by jewelry manufacturers that were proven in scientific works.

You’ll also find answers to frequently asked questions like “How to Tell if an 18K Gold Necklace is Real” and “What to look for in a real 18K gold ring.” By the end, you’ll be an expert at identifying genuine 18K gold jewelry.

What is 18K Gold and Its Characteristics?

18 K gold is an expensive combination of pure gold and other metals such as silver, copper, and zinc, in a proportion of seventy-five percent gold and twenty-five percent of the other metals respectively. This specific composition lends the 18K gold rich yellow color and makes it less brittle which in turn is harder and can withstand wear and tear more than the 24K gold that in contrast is too soft.

18k gold chain real or fake

The incorporation of other metals provides a client with a perfect mix of gold and sturdiness, which is why 18-karat gold is often referred to when designing fine jewelry such as necklaces, rings, or bracelets for day-to-day wearing.

Several factors distinguish between genuine 18K gold and some other forms of gold. The main shade that has a warm, radiant yellow mainly includes, sometimes, slight hues of red or green, based solely on other compounds of metal. Alloy also has a relatively high density ranging from 15 to 18K gold in specific density ranging from 15. 6 to 19. 3 g/cm³, which gives this dew-heavy ship a certain mass and density.

stamped inside fake 18k gold ring stamp

This includes stamping marks such as 18K, 750 (which stands for 75% parts gold), or the manufacturer’s logo/initials. In case the armor is manufactured from real 18K gold, it will not change color when exposed to nitric acid at all or very slightly. Moreover, it is a known fact that pure gold does not exhibit this property of magnetism

Visual Inspection

This is where your eagle eyes come into play. So, if you’ve purchased an artifact of 18K gold jewelry, the first thing you’ll identify is those stamps or hallmarks. These are usually engraved at the back of the clasp of a necklace or pendant or on the inner side of a ring. Common hallmarks for 18K gold include:

stamped inside fake 18k gold ring stamp

In some cases, it may be possible to trick you by providing stamps such as ‘Stamped Inside Fake 18K Gold Ring Stamp ‘, that is why it is wise to use other methods of verification.

Acid Testing

This is one of the most effective methods known to us as an 18K gold checker and it has been used by jewelers for many centuries. This process includes the use of a single-drop treatment using a dropper to place a tiny droplet of mild acid on the hidden part of the jewelry item.

18k gold chain real or fake

However, if the metal is authentic 18K gold, it should not experience any significant change when placed in the acid. However, if the above piece is indeed fake or has a ‘‘small gold karate through alloying, it will turn different colors or suffer discoloration after being subjected to the acid.

There are acid testing kits available on the internet for home use but I would not advise you to carry out this procedure without professional help if you do not deal with chemicals and apparatus and also safety precautions.

In a paper titled, ‘Multi-Technique Analysis of Metallic Artifacts using Acid Digestion and X-ray Fluorescence’, published in the Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, the two testing methods are proved to precisely assess the karat fineness of gold alloys with a margin of error not exceeding ±. 5 karats.

Density Testing

This test is based on the fact that there is a certain density range for 18K gold this is a range of density of metals which is approximately 15. By comparing the jewelry piece on the density scale of 1.93 to the range expected for the jewelry piece, you can determine authenticity.

how to test for 18k gold

There is a simple way through which one can conduct a density test in the comforts of his or her home, that is the water displacement method.

Here’s how it works:

Place a container at a particular level effective the water level to act as the beginning level of water. Take an 18K gold necklace (or any other piece) and with the help of a thread or string, slowly and gently introduce it in water.

Observe the new water level up to where the submersion tube can go and compute the volume of water displaced. It is reserved for calculating the Density For this step, Estimate the mass of the piece and then divide the mass by the volume of water displaced.

For the shell piece to be original, the density as computed needs to be close to that which is obtainable for 18K gold.

Magnet Test

Here’s a quick and easy test you can perform right at home or in a jewelry store called magnet test. Again, pure gold is non-magnetic. therefore, if your 18K gold necklace (or any piece) is affected by a powerful magnet, it means it’s not real gold or not 18K gold at least.

is 18k gold real

However, one has to remember that this test is not conclusive and cannot be taken as absolute. It is important to understand that even gold alloys containing other non-magnetic metals such as silver or copper may still qualify for the magnet test even though they may be of lower karate or even counterfeit. Hence, the magnet test can be very handy as the preliminary examination.

However, relying solely on its results is not recommended, as more effective approaches can be applied for the identification.

Therefore, confirming the authenticity of the 18K gold necklace or another piece of jewelry made of precious metals and stones is a complex process. Visual inspection, acid testing, density testing, and the magnet test can’t give a clear answer to whether a piece is 18K gold

When all these methods are applied, there will be a higher chance of the genuine 18K gold piece being identified. Also, it is always advisable to buy from established jewelers, and should any of these expensive pieces be stolen should seek an appraisal from a gemologist to get them back.

Key Differences Between Real and Fake 18K Gold


Real 18K Gold 

Fake 18K Gold


Clear, legitimate stamps 

Absent or misleading stamps


Rich, consistent yellow hue 

Inconsistent or dull color


Substantial, within expected range 

Unusually light or inconsistent

Acid Resistance 

Largely unaffected by acid 

Discolors or reacts significantly



May be attracted to magnets


In the end, it will not only be pertinent to be able to know whether you have been given an 18K gold necklace or any other precious jewelry item of your choice or not but it will also be of uttermost importance. though it appears to be quite complicated when one begins with it, with some practice as well as the application of the right methodology, you would be in a position to perfect the craft.

Thus, it is always advisable to approach the authentication of 18K gold jewelry using various techniques. However, compared to the other means the visual inspection, acid testing, density test, and magnet test give the most accurate results when used in combination.

Lastly, when in doubt, it is always wise to consult an expert, either a professional jeweler or a gemologist.


How to Tell If 18K Gold Chain is Real?

In addition to this, while authenticating 18K gold chains, the same procedures that are followed during the authentication of chains, necklaces, or any other jewelry piece are followed.
Check if the pieces have standard hallmarks; if not you can try the acid or density tests and lastly the magnet test. Furthermore, do not overlook the links as well as the clasps when it comes to color, weight, and quality of make.

18K Gold Ring Real or Fake: What to Look For?

When it comes to rings, ideally one should check the inner side and there should usually be a hallmark or quality stamp.
Also, make sure that the color tone of the ring is equally spread throughout its circumference and that its thickness is adequately distributed along the same area as well.

Chain Fake 18K Gold Stamp: What Does It Mean?

If for instance, you find a ‘Chain Fake 18K Gold Stamp,’ then you have to be very shy with such a piece of jewel as it is counterfeit.
Decent jewelers would not be inclined to engrave a piece with that obvious badge of fake.

Is 18 Karat Gold Real? How to Verify?

Yes, 18-karat gold is genuine and is among the purest gold alloys widely used in jewelry-making.
However, to avoid being a victim of counterfeit products, one needs to employ certain tests such as the optical micro examination, the etching test, the density test, and the magnetic test.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

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