12 Must-Try Navy Blazer Outfits for Women


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A navy blazer is a multi-purpose item in the fall closet of every lady. Every time you wear it, this time-tested piece takes you from a casual look to a fabulous evening look. However, the trick is to make sure you are using the correct pieces to pair with your navy blazer to bring your entire look together. in this blog post, we will see some Navy blazer outfits for Women and share many styling outfit ideas for navy blazers that are suitable for different ways of life in this article.

Tailored Jackets: Tops to Combine with the Navy Blazer

Here are some of the most fashionable ways to wear a women’s navy blazer: Here are some of the most fashionable ways to wear a women’s navy blazer:

White Button-Down Shirt

Navy Blazer Outfits for Women

A classic white button-up shirt, which is teamed up with a navy blazer and jeans brings forth a sharp but relaxed look. Buckle up the shirt either to tuck it in or leave it out as per your comfort. Tuck in your blouse and put on these slim navy pants if you want an outfit for office or romantic settings. Demonstrating a more laid-back style go with a button-down which has a cuff at the top.

Patterned Blouse

Navy Blazer Outfits for Women

Match prints and patterns by putting on a navy blazer and a floral blouse at the same time or a lightweight print top. Put on a colorful patterned silk blouse, tuck it into a midi-skirt; use low heels for a lunchtime run out, or pair it with some dark skinny jeans and booties for weekend use, overall.


Navy Blazer Outfits for Women

A turtleneck-lined top is a great match to a navy blazer, preferable in autumn and winter. Complement a massive cream cable knit cowl neck with slinky black leak jeans, a navy blazer, and boots for a model-off-duty look. In addition, you can choose to wear a scarf along for added warmth.


Transform your navy blazer combo from day to nighttime looks by layering it over top of a dress. Options for summer and spring include carrying a smart stripe dress matched with plimsolls. In wintertime, put a blazer on over your sweater dress. You can have it even as a garment dress with a cocktail dress, but just remove it when you get into the place.

How to Style a Blazer –  Navy Blazer Outfits

If you need to Style Navy Blazer for the office, workwear outfit ideas include: If you need to rock your navy blazer for the office, workwear outfit ideas include:

Navy Blazer Outfits for Women
suggested outfits

Tee shirt + Manifest Black pants + Blazer

The monochromatic palette applied in such a way will not only make you look up-to-date, but it is going to keep you looking professional as well. Complement with heels or slip-on loafers to finish the outfit.

Jacket + trousers + blouse. 

The colors navy and white are a timeless choice that never fails to provide a voguish effect with a professional feel. Let the navy pair of trousers be worn with a short-sleeved crisp white button-down shirt tucked in. Complement this by adding navy pumps for an impeccable office look.

Blazer + Pleated Midi Skirt + Tank Top Blouse

This feminine workwear ensemble started with its timeless midi skirt which not just has a length that brushes the knees but also the breeziest sleeveless blouse tucked in. On top of your Blue blazer, you can add your men’s suit jacket for a pulled-together formal and professional feeling. Finish up your look with a classic kitten or wedges heels, either works.

Sportcoat + Sheath Dress + Turtleneck Sweater

Get your navy blazer closer for the cooler weather. Underneath it, wear a pencil skirt and a soft-textured turtleneck sweater for added warmth. Make a bold statement with ankle boots or pumps for a fashionable work outfit.

In Weekend and Night Out Navy Blazer Sorties

Do you feel like swooshing your lady’s blue blazer for a night or converting weekend casual? Try these chic outfit ideas: Try these chic outfit ideas:

Navy Blazer Outfits for Women

Lace Cami + Blue Jeans with Blazer

The white skinny jeans worn with the lace-detailed cami and navy blazer are a successful weekend look. This outfit is very romantic. Finally, finish your outfit by pairing strappy neutral heels or wedges with it. Don’t miss out on the cute crossbody purse in a fun and vibrant color.

Blazer, french blue faded jeans, and a graphic tee.

By mixing your navy blazer with vintage blue jeans and a logo t-shirt, you will make your blazer look relaxed and comfortable for a weekend. Add the finishing touch of a pair of cool white shoes to make this easygoing attire.

Suit or Jacket +Tight Midi Dress +Heels

For cocktails or a night out, choose a slim, curve-hugging bodycon midi dress and team it with a classic navy blazer that will help you look stylish. Finally, the neutral or metallic strappy heels will be used to finish off the sexy and classy night-out style. The same goes for the blazer, you may keep it in out until you’re indoors.

Top Recommendations for Trendy Looks for Plus-Size Women

Here are some amazing ways for plus size women to rock a navy blazer for any occasion: Here are some amazing ways for plus-size women to rock a navy blazer for any occasion:

Zig-zag prank dress 

The best choice for such an occasion would be a faux-wrap dress in the color of chaussures à talon Céline that has vertical stripes. On top of the dress, you can pull a navy blazer with its belt around the waist cinched to the skinny belt. A nude heel accentuates the legs, making them appear leaner.

V-Neck T-Shirt + Tailored Pants + Blazer

If you have perhaps the high-waisted cropped navy color blue dress pants or the same with the fitted short-sleeved white knit with a navy blazer, you are agelessly elegant. Toe flats with a point articulate and makes it perfect.

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Striking Denim Leggings + Oversize Blouse + Blazer

Without a doubt, skinny-leg black jeans are fitting and effective for every body type. Best paired with a bow-tie blouse that’s flowy in style and neutral flats or booties. The blazer in navy contrasts nicely so you’ll be on point for the weekend.

CHIC LOOK: 1. Ponte Sheath Dress + Blazer for the Benefit of St. John’s Hospital.

The Ponti wool sheath dress smoothly catches the curve of a body. The 8-navy blazer is your perfect workwear blazer and can be paired with nude pumps for a perfect outfit in plus sizes. Simple yet so chic.


The navy blazer for women in the season is the most versatile piece you can possess. It is easily changed from season to season and applicable for any occasion like for use at work or weekends is just as natural. By just attaching a shirt or pair of pants you can turn your blazer from ‘Out of office’ to ‘party mode’ in seconds. Implement the ideas provided in this article to fashion an ensemble that is smart casually stylish and is 100% “go-with-everything” and will go with every other piece you put on.


Should I wear a navy blazer in the morning, afternoon, or night?

Some of the best and most versatile outfits to wear with a navy blazer include: Some of the best and most versatile outfits to wear with a navy blazer include:

– Black pants and a white button-down shirt pair surely emphasize what matters.
– The blue jeans, white tee, and sneakers outfit.
– Navy trousers with a blouse that has been printed.
– Short black wintry dress and high-heeled shoes

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