What Color Shoes to Wear with a Grey Dress: Style Guide

Shoes to Wear with a Grey Dress

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Any woman, regardless of her age and occupation must have a grey dress in her wardrobe as it is generally accepted that it is one of the most feminine and elegant pieces of clothing. Thanks to the shoe color which is shades closer to neutrality, it can be complemented with different pieces of clothing and is fit for various situations.

However, the decision process of arriving at the most appropriate color to put on the shoe is sometimes not very easy. Effective immediately, you can put your concerns as to what color shoes to wear with a grey dress aside, as we are going to offer you great tips on how to achieve the best look.

What Color Shoes to Wear with a Grey Dress

Neutral shoe colors like black, brown, and grey are versatile options that can elevate a grey dress ensemble to new heights.

Black Shoes with a Grey Dress

Shoes to Wear with a Grey Dress

Black shoes are one of the most versatile pairs of footwear since they are suitable for almost any type of formal or semi-formal occasion and look chic and clean. The lighter shades of grey you may decide to wear are the lighter grey dress to the charcoal grey, black shoes do blend in very well with both shades. Consider these options:

  • For a classy and professional appearance, black and shiny pump shoes would do.
  • Cops for the formal look of the businessman

Brown Shoes with a Grey Dress

Shoes to Wear with a Grey Dress

In case, you are planning to get a warm and cozy look, brown shoes would be a perfect match for the gray dresser. The dark shades of brown and other similar hues bring a certain depth and gauged look to it, and give it a touch of chic and elegance.

  • Sneakers of a light shade of tan or camel perfectly fit the light grey dress perfectly.
  • Dark brown or a color that you can associate with chocolates is best when worn with an outfit in charcoal grey.

Traditional: For an added touch of class: leather brogues or suede ankle boots would do quite well.

Grey Shoes with a Grey Dress

Shoes to Wear with a Grey Dress

On the same note, if you want your attire to look a little more streamlined, then donning grey shoes would be just perfect with the grey dress. It is a singular means of developing a clean and corporate look that avoids any element of brashness while maintaining a strong sense of identity.

  • For a more fragile feeling, choose light grey shoes to match the pastel dresses in pale grey.
  • When choosing shoes opt to wear dark grey shoes with a charcoal grey dress to give a more modern look.

Grey suede loafers or leather oxfords are great for getting this look.

Colorful Pop

Here are the shoes that one could wear if he or she would like to complement her grey dress outfit with a little pop of color.

Blue Shoes with a Grey Dress

Shoes to Wear with a Grey Dress

The shoes are colored blue, and it makes the outfit look lively and attractive since the shoe color contrasts the grey neatly to create a great appearance.

  • Navy blue pumps or oxfords give a classy appearance to the induction ceremony with a light grey colored dress
  • Arguing, a pair of electric blue heels will be functional and bring so much life and character into an outfit consisting of charcoal grey clothes.

If you wish to wear a casual dress then you can wear blue sneakers or loafers with the grey dress.

Green Shoes with a Grey Dress

Shoes to Wear with a Grey Dress

Green shoes are a good idea for a new and vibrant look that can make your grey dress outfit look new again. The green color is warm and deep, and it suits the grey color, which is not too bright and does not create an overload of contrast.

  • For instance, a lighter grey dress can be accessorized with an olive green pair of ankle boots or loafers which will give the outfit a bohemian style.
  • Emerald green pumps, which a rich and classy touch to a deeper shade of grey

Red Shoes with a Grey Dress

Shoes to Wear with a Grey Dress

For those who like to take risks and stand out, it is possible to combine a grey dress with red shoes. It is quite daring and eye-catching, meaning that it will turn some heads and make a statement.

  • For extra color, wear red pumps or spicy stilettos if you plan on wearing a charcoal grey dress.
  • Light grey should be combined with burgundy oxfords or loafers for a more refined and understated look.

Shoe Styles and Materials

The grey dress outfit complemented with red shoes is very appropriate for festive or evening wear due to the drama and glamour it creates.

Dress Shoes (Oxfords, Pumps, etc.)

Formal and semi-formal occasions always entail appropriate dress codes and dress shoes are the best attire to be worn with your grey dress. Shoes like oxfords, pumps, and heels made from adorn materials like leather, suede, or satin will provide you with a much-needed boost.

  • Black leather pumps for that sophisticated classy look for a modern woman.
  • For that extra bit of warmth and style, why not try a pair of burgundy suede oxford shoes

Sneakers and Tennis Shoes

You could wear sneakers and tennis shoes with your grey dress for a more relaxed and effortless outfit. This combination will give you exactly the effect called ‘business casual”: you will be comfortable and a bit sloppy, but still chic.

  • If you want to look fresh and breezy; you can wear a light grey dress with white sneakers
  • To lighten up the look, choose bold sneakers, which will help to cheer up such an ensemble of darker colors.
  • Grey sneakers are also fashionable and help to make a black and white look more monotonous

Sandals and Heels

It is common to wear sandals and heels in the summer and therefore they go hand in hand with your grey dress.

  • Especially, with attractive accessories such as strappy sandals or even espadrille wedges, the taste of boho style can easily be added to a gentle grey dress.
  • The sharp stiletto heels, simple and elegant, can put a fashionable and classy touch to a sleeker structured grey outfit.

When it comes to heels, a girl should try to experiment with different heel heights and styles to get the right combination of the two.

Outfit Combinations

Discover various looks for a grey dress and how it can successfully complement other pieces of clothing.

Grey Dress with Pants or Trousers

Pant Style


Tailored Trousers 

Intended and elegant

Wide-leg Pants 

Relaxed and casual

Cropped Pants 

Trendy and chic

Skinny Pants 

sleek and shiny

Grey Dress with a Suit

While most people would not consider a grey dress as being suitable for wearing with a suit, it is amazing how combining the two pieces of clothing can yield such a stunning and fashionable outfit that can be worn comfortably at the workplace or in any kind of formal setting.

  • For a tonal and reasonably harmonious look, choose a light grey suit coupled with a dress in the sight darker grey or vice versa.
  • For those with a bit more formal and feminine touch, accessorizing with a statement necklace or elegant pumps will enhance the outfit.

Grey Dress with Accessories

Additions are essential in turning your grey outfit of the dress into another level.

  • If you don’t mind going for a flashier look then use a statement belt that will be in a bright color such as red or green to tie around your waist.
  • The rigid texture of a printed or textured scarf may alter the look of your outfit and bring character and appeal.
  • It is advisable to go for a professional style handbag in a coordinating less obtrusive color or a bright accent color to complete the outfit


As we can see, the shoe choice for the grey dress is almost limitless, which means that you can easily find the pair that will suit you. Ranging from dull shades of black to vivid ones like red or green, the main idea is to stick to the shoe color and design that will look good on you and fit the event.

Do not fear change and try something new – it will not only push you out of your comfort zone but also can give you new exciting discoveries on the way to making your grey dress superior. But very often confidence is defined as the ultimate accessory, so do not hesitate, be unique, and wear your grey dress with the right shoes.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

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