Are True Religion Jeans Still in Style In 2024 or 2025?

True Religion Jeans Still in Style

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You know you’re talking about the early 2000s when low-rise jeans, rhinestones, and the horseshoe logo of True Religion came into the picture. These premium denim articles were a necessity for anyone who wanted to present themselves fashionably. However, as the years passed, the brand lost the flavor that used to captivate young people.

So are True Religion Jeans still in style in 2024 and 2025? Well, I am sure that is the question that you probably keep coming back to, especially with Y2K/90s fashion trends being back in style. Well, I’m here today to inform you of the possibility of this legendary denim brand making a comeback on your hi-street.

The Rise, Fall, and Potential Comeback of True Religion Jeans

Now, let’s travel down the memory lane for a short while. True Religion was established in 2002 by Jeffrey Lubell and has turned an ordinary article of clothing known as ‘jeans’ into a fashion icon. Most of them featured the unique “U” stitch, flap pockets, and the widely recognizable Buddha belt buckles, and without much delay, the jeans became massive favorites.

Britney Spears in True Religion
Britney Spears wears True Religion jeans । source – denim blog

True Religion quickly grew to meteoric popularity by the late 2000s, when one had to look very hard to find someone wearing at least a pair of True Religion jeans. Even entertainers like Britney Spears, Beyoncé, and Jessica Simpson have been photographed in the brand. True Religion was making its way to the top of the popularity charts and everyone’s style book.

However, like many trends, the brand’s time in the sun began to diminish and the company was naturally concerned. Fast-forward to the late 2010s and true religions find themselves in a very precarious position about relevancy. Market saturation, shifts in the consumer’s tastes, and problems within the company made the brand lose its appeal over the years.

Do not underestimate True Religion so easily though! There have been recent signals of the brand’s re-emergence in the fashion industry, thanks to the resurrected Y2K/90s aesthetic genre.

Zihaad Wells- True Religion’s
Zihaad Wells- creative director of True Religion’s । image: WWD

In 2022 a new creative director joined True Religion and his name is Zihaad Wells, whose main endeavor is to restore the uniqueness of the brand and at the same time add some new features to jeans styles. The company has also been using influencer marketing and social media to reach the younger generation, Generation Z.

Among such queries, the Google Trends interest level for terms such as “true religion jeans” has been on an upward trend since the year 2020 meaning there could be a renewed interest or demand for the product

is true religion still popular
Google Trends Result (2018-2024 May)

Now while True Religion has not hit the apex of the fashion craze of the early two hundreds, it is for sure on the way up in 2024 and 2025.

Are True Religion Jeans Still in Style In 2024 or 2025?

So what exactly can you expect from True Religion in 2024 and 2025? Here are some of the current and new products from the brand:

For women, some of the most popular fits include:

  • The Bobby Super Skinny comes in a style that sits low on the hips and firms up any area you desire
  • The Halle Mid-Rise Skinny is a quite less rigid version of the kind of style that is now considered a Bentley of jeans.
  • Some of these include the Cora Straight, which is a typical pair of straight-legged trousers.

As for men, top fits include:

  • Out of the four garments displayed, the Ricky Relaxed Straight is characterized by comfort and a relaxed straight fit.
  • This is the Geno Relaxed Skinny, a style that combines the skinny and relaxed collections but with a touch of stretch.
  • Rocco Banded Skinny: A sleek modern straight legit

New Seasonal Styles and Washes

Like any fashion brand, True Religion refreshes its collections seasonally with new styles, colors, and washes. Recent standouts include:

  • The Boyfriend Jean
  • Bright Colored Denim
  • Embellished and Embroidered Pieces

No matter your personal style, True Religion likely has a denim option that will appeal to you.

Celebrity Sightings and Brand Ambassadors

No discussion of True Religion’s potential comeback would be complete without mentioning the brand’s ties to celebrity culture and influencer marketing.

Celebrities Spotted Wearing True Religion

Recently, some famous stars were seen wearing True Religion jeans and this can help the brand get famous again. Some notable examples include:

is true religion out of style
Hailey Bieber with True Religion jeans
  • Some celebrities and fashion icons sporting True Religion clothes include Hailey Bieber who has been spotted wearing more than one True Religion item of clothing.
  • Kendall Jenner is among the latest celebrities to wear a pair of jeans by the brand, which included embellished jeans for the Coachella festival.
  • The current promotion also features Justin Bieber who has worn casual and loose True Religion fits.

Brand Ambassadors and Influencer Collaborations

In the process of branding strategies, True Religion is also steadily and actively involved in influencer marketing through cooperation with social media influencers and endorsers.

In 2022 the brand inked a deal with rapper Coi Leray who has now become the face of the brand and has also produced a dropping capsule collection with her. They continued to advertise brands, products, and events with other social media influencers like Emma Chamberlain and Lori Harvey.

These have helped True Religion in expanding to new generations and creating ways of reaching out to the community, especially through social media platforms such as Instagram and even TikTok.

Social Media Buzz Around #TrueReligion

Talking about social media, one should mention how True Religion performs currently on counterparts such as Instagram, for instance, to identify whether the brand remains popular and sought-after to date or not.

An example, performing a search to look for photos and videos that contain the hashtag #TrueReligion on the website of Instagram there are over 1 million images. The reports also found that 3 million user posts from around the world contain suicidal-depression-related content. While is it common to find such posts that flaunt True Religion jeans and their wearers, many do so by pairing the jeans with more contemporary fashions.

The accounts that belong to the brand are fascinating; the main one is Instagram Many of the brands repost the images with captions boosting their account numbers to over 1 million followers and often upload outfit of the day snaps, campaign shots, and other bloopers.

As a saving grace, the comments section on many of their recent posts are filled with positive sentiments,/approval of classic designs, and enthusiasm for new arrivals.

The Original content, the increased number of fans and tweeters, and followers indicate that True Religion is on the right track in targeting the fashionable audience.

Who Wears True Religion Jeans?

True Religion jeans’ price range is now more affordable, now it leads some of you to ask, who wears True Religion jeans anymore? There is no doubt that different generational groups may have different meanings associated with the brand.

When True Religion first began making its way onto the scene in the early 2000s, the brand had all of the right attributes for the preppy urbanite suburban soccer mom who just wanted a better pair of jeans to go along with that new Saturday night Hummer, the gangsta rapper or hip hop artist who sought the next hot new label that would allow him to brag about the brand of jeans he wore, the diva, the movie

who wears true religion jeans

Today, with all the developments that have taken place, the audience that defines the given brand has significantly expanded and become much more varied. It still targets those of a more mature age and style-conscious individual who may have enjoyed the days when True Religion was all the rave and who still want a piece of that experience.

At the same time, the brand has also reported a great achievement in influencing the younger generation of the millennials or the Gen-Z mostly due to the effective influencer marketing strategy that it adopted as well as the latest and modern apparel that it has been displaying.

You’re likely to find a forty-something mum wearing her True Religion bootcut jeans, just as much as you would find an Insta fashionista clad in embellished True Religion boyfriend cut jeans/COLORED jeans.

I believe True Religion has effectively marketed its products for being a brand that offers denim wear that can be suitable for different generations and can also adapt to the various fashion trends and personalities as seen in urban fashion, street, and casual chic.

Is True Religion black-owned?

A typical question that people ask is whether True Religion brand company has Black owners or it was started by black businessmen.

The answer is no – True Religion was founded in 2002 by its owner, Jeffrey Lubell, who is not Black. The company was started in Los Angeles and it floated in the market in the year 2005.

is true religion black owned
Jeffrey Lubell Founder of true religion

Several years ago, True Religion went through several ownership changes, being bought by various investment firms and private equity groups. Currently, by 2022, the brand will operate under the management of Bluestar Alliance LLC – a brand management company, due to bankruptcy.

At the same time that True Religion cultivated a base of non-motorized, premium denim designs that referenced streetwear and hip-hop, the corporate brand was predominantly owned and operated by white men and women.

However, in the recent past, True Religion has been trying to include more Black people in their advertisements and campaigns, especially hiring Black musicians, singers, and other artists as they try to ‘rebrand’ the fashion brand.

What Makes True Religion Jeans Unique?

To identify why this product makes it possible for True Religion jeans to be in vogue again, let us analyze what made this clothing so popular in the first place.

Signature Design Elements

Indeed, there is no doubt that True Religion jeans are easily recognizable thanks to specific features, the first of which is the “U” stitch on the back of 2 pockets, the second is the logo of the Buddha, the third is the flap pockets with buttons and the fourth is the contrast stitching in different loud colors.

These design features make True Religion jeans unique from the other denim jeans making them quite fashionable and a statement piece.

High-Quality Denim Construction

Although True Religion was frequently attacked for having costly clothes, its jeans were indeed well-made and of high quality. Starting with its use of high-grade denim and the fine workmanship on the clothes it included handcrafting sanding, and even aging effects.

These issues in combination with quality workmanship set the standard for the brands that became known as “premium denim.”

Why is True Religion so Cheap Now?

Of course, one thing that may come as a shock to some about True Religion’s return is that it is now somewhat more affordable than in its peak years. You may be thinking – Why is True Religion so inexpensive today?

Unfortunately, over the years, the brand has been forced to adjust its pricing model especially because the competition in the premium denim market has been stiff, consumers have become more price-sensitive, and their shopping habits have changed.

At the height of its appeal — the early- to mid-2000s — True Religion could justify those $200-$300 price points because the brand appeal was prestige and competition was scarce in the high-end jeans market.

But as the decade proceeded more brands moved into the premium denim market and price advantages began to erode for True Religion. Consumers also became more value-mindful as they emerged from the recessionary period.

This indicates that True Religion has had no option but to reconsider its strategic pricing for its products. However, you can still see their select, high-end limited edition models commanding such steep prices today. But for mainstream denim styles, prices have been pulled back to be more affordable for the average consumer:

Jean Style 

Price Range

Basic Denim 

$100 - $200


$200 - $300

Limited Edition 


As such these lower prices could also be used to make True Religion become popular again like it was almost a decade back as more people can afford the brand.

Where to Buy Authentic True Religion Jeans

Sure you want True Religion in your forecasted fashion 2024/2025? If that is the case, then understand that you should be buying things from official outlets or sellers only. Here are some trusted options to consider:

The Final Verdict

True Religion jeans – are True Religion jeans still going to be fashionable in 2024/2025? In my opinion, Big Pharma, Yes: Fixing the broken drugs industry is well worth the time and money it takes to read.

It should be noted that True Religion will likely never ascent back to that god-tier level of ubiquity it enjoyed at the dawn of the 2000s, but all indications point towards True Religion experiencing a massive revival within the next couple of years right in line with the Y2K/2000s fashion resurgence.

Because of such strategic initiatives which include working with social media influencers, rejuvenating its product portfolio, and cutting down price brackets to appeal as a mass-market product, I anticipate finding such premium and legendary denim apparel being worn frequently on the streets, shopping centers and even trending on Instagram as fashion wear.

Do you expect the True Religion brand of jeans to be trendy in the year 2024/2025? So grab your favorite pair and let me know in the comments.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

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