What to Wear With White Jeans Mens? : 7 Outfit Ideas

what to wear with white jeans mens

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White jeans are still to this date a very divisive clothing piece. As compared to the general blue or black jeans, the patterned ones are easily overshadowed and they are best worn as statement pieces in certain places or occasions. If you’re curious about What to Wear With White Jeans Mens? then your search ends here.

White jeans are one of the best types of wear during the hot weather for any fashion-conscious man. However, many guys feel quite awkward as to how to wear them. In this guide, we showcase 7 ways to style white jeans, both for casual weekend wear and dressier occasions.

At the end of the segment, you’ll get all the inspiration and tips allowing white jeans to be a part of your spring/summer wardrobe. Now let me present to you…

Outfit #1: The Classic Tee & Sneakers

Starting with the most basic and classic clothing piece that you can wear during summertime. Well, a crisp tee is a clean fit, a pair of fresh kicks wrapped together with a beautiful pair of white jeans can make you look like you tried. These two just do not disappoint, this combo could not be more apt.

Okay, so when selecting the tee that you want to use, you have a couple of choices. A more fitted polo shirt or sleek trim apparel with simple but vibrant shades like grey, black, navy, or white is more businesslike but relaxed.

how to style white jeans mens
Classic Tee & Sneakers

Or dress it down a little and go all shirtless with a muscle tee that is customized for you and flaunts your #HotBoySummer arms and shoulder muscles. As long as it is not too tight that it looks like you are dressed for the club then it is good.

As for bottoms, on the lower half, I love the style of the skinny/straight-legged white jeans. You want the pants to fit around the thighs but they become slimmer from the knee section down. This assists in lengthening your legs and avoids any tightness at the ankles that would be required.

Add a pair of crunchy new white sneakers to keep up with the white jeans wash. Pro tip: In my opinion, some chunkier shoes such as Air Force 1s are far more fly than the thin types.

Outfit #2: Smart Casual with a Blazer

Without a doubt, my favorite white jeans look and one I get compliments on all the time. Wearing a blazer makes white denim sleek and appropriately professional without any fuss. This outfit is just formal enough, but not overly formal that one feels overdressed.

About blazers, I like less formal, unlined, and less tailored versions to not resemble some country club-washed-up stock broker. Linen, seersucker, or unlined cotton polyester blends of light summer hues such as light blue or pastel shades would be ideal.

white jeans men style

Select a cut that offers elegance through the bust, stomach, and hips and does not constrict around the arms.

For underneath this blazer, any general t-shirt or a light Merino wool polo is the best match for smart/casual with the white jeans. Speaking of polo, this is also a great place to take some risks and go crazy with patterns and colors.

Paired with chinos, a knitted polo in fresh hues such as sage green or Barbour’s classic tartan pattern is attention-grabbing.

I love wearing slick loafers or driver moc shoes. It feels just a touch more sophisticated and classy compared to the high-waisted jeans but still very casual and relaxed from the white jeans.

This particular pairing turns out to be incredibly useful for all manner of more formal afternoon events. Whether going for brunch dates, garden parties, or gallery openings you name it, these outfits kill it.

Outfit #3: Summer Breeziness

Finally, the summer doesn’t come to its complete ending until people learn to wear light and airy fabrics that do not make them sweat buckets. The cheat that I have been using to look glamorous while wearing white jeans is some of my casual linen looks.

At the top, there are a few very solid choices. A linen blouse, particularly when buttoned up and paired with jeans, creates quite a relaxed tone when some buttons are opened and the sleeves are rolled up.

Yes, I am talking about relaxation as in ‘sipping a frozen cocktail while watching the sunset in Santorini’. The drink just has to be consumed in a loose-fitting, free-flowing garment and not skin-tight outfits. As we go here, we’re embracing that laid-back vibe.

all white jeans outfit

If you want to get something different than a traditional cotton shirt but still prefer it to be formal then you should look for linen cotton blends. Some fantastic linen shirts for this are made by JACHS and Corridor NYC, as mentioned above.

Cuff them up, tuck the top in and what do you have a look of preposterous nonchalance if nothing else.

Well, as every good dress is incomplete without good accessories, no mannered summer dress is complete without good footwear. As for my style, I may pull off a clean pair of off-white or tan espadrilles perfectly.

They just shout “Oh no, it’s fine it is summer!” And the rope soles are like summer vacation on the Mediterranean. Other more traditional options are boat shoes, suede driving loafers, or leather fisherman sandals if you really wanna go full boiler suit vibes.

A survey by Stitchfix reveals that 85% of men feel more confident and comfortable when dressed in linen fabric due to breathing and light fabric during the summer months.

This way not only will this white jeans combo not allow you to overheat and ruin your look and feel, but your mood and vibe will be perked up as well!

Outfit #4: Hitting the Neutral Notes

It’s always chic to wear All-White but if you want to up your anti on this trend of white jeans then go for monochromatic dressing with neutral outfits. And that itself looks so classy and very much in vogue with all the flavors of sophistication and maturity.

Inconstructing such outfits I find it most appropriate to build it from the basic piece, which from my vantage is the white jeans. From there you can complement Khaki, Olive, Beige, Tan, Stone, and gray on the tops and layers used.

white jeans men style

There is no need to overcomplicate and layer because the juxtaposing of different textures such as a crisp cotton popover paired with a brushed sweater adds a certain effortlessness to the look.

My pro tip? Allow the shades of brown and olive to be more dominant, and then utilize the light gray and black only in outlined or as the secondary color. Possibly a charcoal grey shirt worn under a tan sweater or black belt and black shoes, perhaps boots.

This gives that blend of harmonizing colors and tint, or what must have been the original intention of using two hues rather than one.

You can even have fun experimenting with other non-biased hues like adding warmer tones such as light terracotta and light-brick reds. Other seasons of the year and more earthy tones like camel and chocolate brown also go well with white denim.

That is why I prefer to follow the rest of the outfit when deciding on footwear. If you’re going even more rugged with the overshirt and cardigan, some reliable and timeless brown leather chukkas or combat boots finish everything off nicely.

But, if the mood of the laid is more in the direction of sophisticated and minimalistic, then it is best to go for white leather sneakers or Chelsea suede boots.

Outfit #5: Subtle Print Mixing

As for me, I enjoy mixing minimalism into my outfits the most, and the garment that I like to wear the most is a camp or short-sleeved button-up shirt. Peep it tucked into your white jeans to level the ensemble and finish it off with some plain low-top sneakers or Suede chukka boots. The print is perfect as a touch of flare against the fresh white fabric of the denim.

Choose your printed top about the pattern, and select the garment with the smaller pattern and subdued colors.

all white jeans outfit

Remember micro-florals, thin parallel lines like pencils, or low patterns such as seersucker or jacquard knits. Shiny, overly tropical, overly ornate, overly grandiloquent, anything too conspicuous can quickly become a loud hairy 70s couch.

Generally, companies such as J. Crew and Banana Republic meet expectations on this kind of print in their summer shirt collections. Or if keeping it a tad more preppy, then some options include madras plaid, gingham, or batik prints from companies such as Vineyard Vines.

It’s as simple as that, no brightly colored clothing that stands out, no bright colors, and no black just wear anything that has a bit of an earth tone.

Pro tip: As for the other clothes, it is advised to not use bright or contrasting colors as this will draw attention to the printed shirt rather than the design itself. A nice white or grey T-shirt will surely look better under the shirt if it is half-opened looking for a more framed look.

Outfit #6: Night Out Approved

On a special occasion, who is telling you that you can’t be a little fancy in white jeans? If not my fave move for drinks with the swanky date, drinks by the rooftop, or a night out with the gang!

Not very evolutional, still somehow playful, due to the white denim it is quite sharp and refined though.

white jeans men style

To begin with, you will prefer to maintain a more dark and less fuzzier outlook on top. A neat and tight black or navy blue polo shirt or shirt short sleeve button-up is also advisable as it would bring off a dressy look. Plaid or check prints are not advisable here to avoid interference with the white to be written from the bottom end.

If it comes to shoes, I always prefer loafers or casual derby shoes in tan, oxblood, or a good black pair. We wanted to make the shoe slightly elevated, but not too much so that it looks classy but can be worn in casual settings as well. You can wear flip-flops or go bare-legged if it’s heating up too.

You might also need an additional layer, which would be more stylish if you wear a light, loose, and natural unstructured blazer or a trench coat.

Cautious choices such as tonal houndstooth or opting for actual textures like silk or wool linen fully encompass that ‘I got dressed this morning and paid some semblance of attention’ energy.

Finally, for a true risk-taker, there is nothing like a slim-lapelled suit jacket or gilet vest to give you that edge in this scale-up scenario. As for other items, just keep everything simple and allow the BIG piece to headline.

Outfit #7: Summertime Casual Fridays

On the total opposite end of the spectrum, we’ve got the epitome of what one would consider suitable attire for a lazy Saturday or Sunday. This is how I’ll be rocking my white jeans all summer long at the park, at the beach, doing errands, etc.

It begins with a slightly looser, extra-spare silhouette for the jeans themselves. I’m referring to straight-throughs or a tiny taper rather than anything very slim or skinny.

You can even go for an on-trend pair with some artistic spattering or rips if you wish to take it up a notch for the casual factor. It has to be said, however, that there is no need to overdo the shredded dad-from-the-90s ethos.

white jeans mens fashion

Above the waist, printed t-shirts, faded graphic muscles on loose-fitting tanks, and comfortable linen button-up shirts are acceptable. Either wear them rolled up at night for the skinny outlook or let them hang loose for a casual look.

For footwear, I think it would be some regular canvas plimsolls, suede driving mocs, or simple slip-on — Vans.

It is apathetic chic done intentionally and with some effort at least, thus giving off the vibe of “I woke up like this.” Such as reminiscing while going for cold brews and thrifting with your film photographer boys. It is like the nonchalance that a model brings along wherever she goes that is as planned as can be.

The Isko’s global trends study 2021 also highlighted that ‘relaxed’ and ‘loose’ fits benefited from a +25% in denim searches due to the pandemic and the stress on comfort over style. So not only is it very comfortable to wear this outfit, but it is very much in vogue too.

The White Jeans Versatility Payoff

I am sure you have enough inspiration on how to style those bright white jeans so that they can be your new go-to piece for the warm weather. As you noticed, they can fit any occasion and outfit and look equally good when dressed up or dressed down.

My best tips are: Just play around with them and be a bit creative! White jeans are the best materials to work on in creating some naughty looks.

Do not limit yourself to sticking to a similar wash or shade though, this is where you can get creative, such as doing white-washed jeans with an ecru or an off-white top for instance. Its high-pitched or low-pitched variations are simply so cool that, bring another dimension to it.

One final pro tip from my own experience: To ensure the fabric does not fade, make sure you buy a denim brush and gently brush your white jeans after wearing them. It has a way of helping to get this freshly crispy outer look and is usually not overdone to cause too much fuzz.


White jeans are a must-see for each elegant man in the summer period. But, just like formal shoes for all celebrations, many guys feel like they are afraid of how to style them. Specifically, in total 7 practical ways to wear white jeans are shown in this guide with both casual and more formal outfits being presented.

White denim may seem challenging initially because it lags when washed and all sorts of stains and wears are apparent as compared to their indigo allies blue jeans.

This caused me to conclude that with proper care such as washing them with oxygen-based bleach every time I wear them or after one or two instances and having a portable lint remover, it is easy to maintain their cleanness.

One may state that white jeans can be the most useful acquisition in a man’s wardrobe due to their practicality. You can transition from something as casual as Lazy Sunday afternoon wear to Fun, Flirty, and Funky nightclub wear with just a few changes of your top and shoes.

This guide does a perfect job of showing you how to master both laid-back and polished styles perfectly.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

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