Kendra Scott Necklace Length: How Long Are They?

Kendra Scott Necklace Length

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Well, you all remember the saying, don’t you? A necklace is a girl’s best friend. Well, at least, that is what this person wants and probably thinks too in their mind. There is an elegance and a certain mystique that comes Along with the right necklace length that adds the finishing touch to any ensemble that can make you feel like a millionaire.

And speaking about necklaces, there is one more company that can boast its perfect work, it is Kendra Scott.

I must say, I have been intrigued by Kendra Scott’s accessories since time immemorial and their necklaces must be a symbol of portraying timeless elegance as well as acknowledging one’s individuality.

Among those aspects, it is possible to consider the focus on the availability of a large number of necklace lengths which may be chosen by the customers according to their individual tendencies.

Oh, I’ll let you know: the necklace length can turn the game around. It can enhance your neckline, compliment your figure, and bring you fashion that will make you stand out in a group.

Exploring the Versatile Kendra Scott Necklace Length

Kendra Scott Necklace Length

There is no way any woman out there who would love to wear a Kendra Scott necklace will be let down as far as necklace lengths are concerned. Within these designs, a great number of variants can be observed depending on the style – from small and dainty to large and grand. Here’s a quick overview of the different lengths you can find in their collection:

  • Petite Lengths: These are thin, ranging from 16 to 18 inches, and can be worn on their own or over other garments and are extremely sheer.
  • Choker Lengths: The length of these versatile pieces of jewelry ranges from 14 to 16 inches and the close sleek design adds a stroke of punk attitude and theatricality to the wearer’s attire.
  • Princess Lengths: These necklace lengths range from 18 to 20 and are usually described as the ‘standard’ or ‘regular’ lengths that can be worn with practically any type of neckline to almost any type of event.
  • Matinee Lengths: This is a simple yet rather elegant necklet length and it can be worn both formally and informally at 20 to 24 inches.
  • Opera Lengths: These are longer-sized accessories that are most preferred at approximately 30-36’’ long and these can be worn alone to make a powerful statement or stacked together.

Petite and Delicate Lengths

If you have very long or short necks, Kendra Scott provides covers you with petite and delicate necklace lengths. Their 16-inch and 18-inch necklaces would be for those who want simple and sleek or who want to layer the silver necklace with other products.

It has to be mentioned that I enjoy wearing these shorter lengths with a T-shirt and jeans for a relaxed look. They also look super cute with a low cut or scoop-neckline region as it emphasizes the collarbone and décolletage area.

Kendra Scott Necklace Length

Do not assume these are tiny necklaces suitable for use only on regular occasions or formal occasions that are out of reach. Oh, no, my friend! You can wear them fully dressed up with a formal dress or formal wear for dinner or you can defend the odds with a jumpsuit for a night out. Hence, the remaining fittings should be done in a subtle manner such that they do not overshadow the fine necklace.

Finally, as for layering, which so often acts as the connective tissue between elements of a story, I think we cannot overlook it. Kendra Scott’s smaller necklaces are great for adding that layer and giving it an irresistible boho vibe.

Elegant and Timeless Lengths

Oh, how I always loved the necklace lengths, the most refined and the most timeless ones indeed! These are the mid-ranged lengths, with an average of 20 to 24 inches in length, which represent versatility in a BBQ grill. Because really they are like the LBD of necklaces – elegant, timeless, versatile, and perfect for every occasion.

Kendra Scott

I am often reminded whenever I am dressing up for work or going out for dinner or a party with my 20-inch Kendra Scott necklace or my 24-inch Kendra Scott necklace.

Quite an incredible feature of the shoes is that they can transform any outfit which can be a plain blouse and trousers or a beautiful cocktail dress.

Although I have provided the scan and printouts, let me assure you that it is not something that I came up with on my own or simply made up. As suggested by Soozy Offers, the best size for a necklace is between 20 to 24 inches, which is suitable for most body shapes and necklines.

Statement-Making Longer Lengths

Nevertheless, if you are a daring fashion lover who is ready to dazzle the public with her neck fine jewelry, then the longer necklace lengths of Kendra Scott will suit your personality to the core.

I am not talking of routine, normal, and run-of-the-mill, small 27-inch and 32-inch models that are so commonplace on our streets today, I am talking of those magnificent 30-inch and 36-inch that make heads turn wherever they are sighted.

Kendra Scott Necklace Length

These are great necklaces for those special occasions when you wish to make that stunning statement to your dressing code or maybe just during those informal occasions when you kindly wish to add that little sparkle to your colloquial dressing style. They are naturally longing, and the middle, where the widest part of your frame is, is shown as being pulled downward, so everything is quite streamlined.

So, do not presume that these statement pieces are for occasions such as office formal wear or black tie events alone.

Oh, no, my friend! I know perfectly well how many times a fashion-savvy woman was able to convert a skinny t-shirt and jeans into a stunning masterpiece with the help of a long, layered necklace.

Are Kendra Scott Necklaces Real Gold?

Now, I know what you might be thinking: “So are these beautiful Kendra Scott necklaces made from genuine gold?” Actually, let me relieve your doubts.

However, even though Kendra Scott has some pieces containing real precious metals, including 14k and sterling silver, some of the necklaces here are made from affordable and skin-friendly materials like brass and imitation rhodium plating.

Kendra Scott Necklace Length

But hey, good news people, there is no ‘real gold’ among all these disks! These necklaces are exquisite, long-lasting, and of high quality, passed through professionalism to give authentic Jewelry.

Moreover, Kendra Scott separates itself from competitors through quality, using only the highest quality materials and hiring the best artisans for the creation of their pieces.

Therefore, as a result, be it a pure gold or silver article or one of the cast brass or rhodium-plated necklaces or pendants they offer, you will be sure of getting quality, elegant, and durable jewelry that will complement your image and personality.

Can Kendra Scott Necklaces Get Wet?

The answer is yes but they should be done in moderation and not all at the same time. Kendra Scott’s necklaces that are on the market are space made to endure a considerable amount of time without breaking, cracking, or fading Yet, they aren’t designed for water activities or with chemicals for an extended period. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect:

1. Brass and Rhodium-Plated Necklaces: These necklaces can be worn in water, although they should not be submerged or exposed to heavy water or any substance that may cause grime, as they may easily rust or become discolored and lose their luster.

Kendra Scott Necklace Length

2. Sterling Silver Necklaces: This kind of silver will tarnish more quickly if it comes in contact with moisture, so it should be removed before activities such as swimming or showering.

3. 14k Gold Necklaces: These precious metal necklaces are usually slightly more protected from water however they should be treated with some delicacy containing a tendency of wearing them and then washing your hands; they should be dried as quickly as possible.

Can You Wear Kendra Scott Necklaces in the Shower?

simply, no, you should not wear any jewelry except Kendra Scott necklaces in the shower. Some of the components of hot water that harm the translucent parts and metallic parts include hot steam combined with shampoo/soap deposits that harm highly valued translucent parts and tarnish the more elastic but rigid parts such as brass and rhodium plated.

Perhaps you once wore your Kendra Scott piece while taking a shower by mistaking it for something else to wear; don’t be overly worried if this happens.

Just remember to pat it dry using a soft cloth if you wish not to let it soak or have it sit in water for too long.

Finding Your Perfect Necklace Length

If there is one thing that is truer than anything in this world, it has to be that life is all about choices and when it comes to choosing necklaces, there is an almost countless variety of necklace lengths. But fear not oh fashion-conscious reader.

Here are my top tested and trusted strategies to guide you through the world of Kendra Scott necklaces so that you can select the most suitable one for yourself!

Kendra Scott Necklace Length

First, choose terms of the relations between your body segments and your body mass index. As a general rule of thumb: As a general rule of thumb:

  • Petite Frames: They are best worn in shorter sizes, ideally 16-20 inches to prevent them from overpowering your entire body.
  • Average or Taller Frames: You’re able to pull off bouncier lengths with the shorter ends starting from a shorter 18 inches and going all the way to those amazing 36 inches.

Subsequently, one should consider the type of neck coverage they will wear in their outfit mostly the neckline. A little necklace length 101

  • V-Necks: Which are more elegant and in a position to hang and complement the neckline with longer-length necklaces?
  • Crew or High Necklines: Best worn with short lengths of curls or chokers that rest near the area just above the collar line.
  • Strapless or Off-the-Shoulder: For the neckline, it is suggested to select a mid-length or longer necklace this will help to visually length the neckline and bring attention to it.

Lastly, you’ve got layering, which is as important as any of the others! Here is how versatility can be achieved through different necklace lengths; When stacked in a single, they create quite a perfect look that is almost trendy.

If you are still in doubt as to which length is likely to be most suitable for you, I suggest that you physically measure yourself and compare the results with those that are stated by Kendra Scott on the size chart.

Or, simply, visit one of their physical stores and get used to various lengths and choose the ones, which are the most suitable in terms of both comfort and appearance.

Quality and Craftsmanship of Kendra Scott Necklaces

Specifically, quality and craftsmanship are cornerstones of each piece of jewelry from Kendra Scott company. Although they also sell 14k gold and sterling silver pieces, many of their necklaces are made from affordable and skin-friendly metals like plated, brass, and rhodium.

The above-mentioned material is as shiny and strong as the natural metal used and the material that provides extra shine and strength to the cheap OR ornament is the rhodium-plated brass.

Guaranteeing their products are created from the best quality materials is not enough for Kendra Scott; their plating processes must also be of the highest quality so their products can face the everyday wear and tear and remain as shiny as the day they were made.

Kendra Scott Necklace Length

Of course, the necklaces are not made of those shiny metals or precious stones – what sets them apart is the workmanship and precision.

Each piece of necklace is carefully created and crafted by professional jewelers and craftsmen and has special enhancements like jewelry stones that are set by hand, refined textures of the jewelry items, and fashionable and cool cuts of the shapes.

The brand also aims to source materials responsibly and has made efforts to perform the famed reduction in harm to the environment and the practices it employs are ethical.

Every Kendra Scott necklace is a marvel of craftsmanship that will not only be a worthy addition to any woman’s jewelry box but will also have the endurance of a fine piece of art.

Another example of confidence in the quality and durability of their products is the brand’s Replacement Plan for the Color Jewelry Collection by replacing damaged jewelry at any time within two years of purchase for FREE. Looking at the customer satisfaction survey, Kendra Scott necklaces received a satisfaction score of over 92% on the craftsmanship, rating them as excellent or outstanding.


Whether you’re a longtime fan or just discovering Kendra Scott for the first time, one thing is clear: their necklaces are more or less a true representation of a timeless value, proclamations of identity.

From so many magnificent lengths now available, you are guaranteed that they have some items that would suit your lively image significantly to enhance your existence.

So you are wondering, what’s next? Enough of the O-kay! It is high time you became fashionable and jumped in to know more about Kendra Scott necklaces.

From the intricate filigree of a piece of jewelry that you might like to wear for a more subtle appearance to the grand-scale piece that would make a statement for the kind of glamour and luxury that movies and fairy tales portray, you can trust that you’ll be getting something that is not unique but also well-crafted – out of the ordinary pieces that are significant moments of magic that every woman should be happy to wear on her.


Are Kendra Scott necklaces hypoallergenic?

Yes, Kendra Scott uses hypoallergenic materials such as brass and rhodium plating on many of their necklaces, which is ideal for any jewelry lover who is allergic to metal or metal-sensitive.

How do I know what necklace length is best for me?

Everyone has her preferences but the following are the best necklace lengths for different body sizes and face shapes, as well as different necklines of your clothing. Necklaces that are 16-20 inches should be considered the default length for any woman since they look best for petite women, but necklaces that can be worn at 24 inches and above are recommended for tall women.
But, it is also important to take into consideration the neckline of the outfit – a V-neck looks best with longer gold necklaces, while a crew neck or high neckline is perfect for short gold necklace scenarios.

Can I request a custom necklace length?

At the time of this writing, Kendra Scott does provide many typical necklace sizes, however, they may consider special sizes, especially for pendant accessories. I have not seen any cord listed on their website with a specific length, so it is advisable to contact their customer service or visit their physical stores to know whether they can cut down the cord according to your desired length.

How do I care for and store my Kendra Scott necklace?

Thus, regarding the care of the Kendra Scott necklace, it is recommended to protect it from chemicals, perfumes, and lotions. It should be kept in a small hand bag or a box when not in use; it should also be washed with a detergent water solution. It is also explored that some materials should not be cleaned by ultrasonic cleaners so as not to ruin them.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

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