What Color Dress Shirts Go with Khaki Pants: Men Outfits

Dress Shirts Go with Khaki Pants

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The pairing of dress shirts and khaki pants remains an ageless answer to many fashion predicaments. This combination is ideal for creating a balance between working and casual wear, making the dress appropriate for various events.

For instance, through personal experience and observing fashion trends for several years, I have learned how to mix and match these basic pieces appropriately.

This article aims to explain What Color Dress Shirts go with Khaki Pants. First, let’s discuss color coupling, the changes due to the season, and tips for dressing appropriately.

Whether one is dressing for work, a picnic, or a black-tie affair, proper knowledge of how to apply this pair will make a huge difference to one’s wardrobe decisions. Now, let’s understand how to conquer this fantastic combination of outfit pairing.

Why Khaki Pants Are a Must-Have

Dress Shirts Go with Khaki Pants

First, it is essential to consider why there are no better pants than khaki ones, even though no one will refuse a piece of cake. The first time I purchased a pair – I was dubious, supposing that would give the impression I was heading towards a golf course. Boy, was I wrong! These are much like the Tercel of bottoms. This utilitarian workhorse has no china wall but serves multiple purposes. They are all-weather, anti-formal shoes; they look great with almost any outfit.

In the survey by GQ Magazine conducted in 2023, 73% of the men named khaki pants as an absolute necessity in their everyday wear. I understand why, and that’s the end of the matter. They can be perfect for business meetings, going out with friends, or even a simple wedding, for which they are ideal since I wear them whenever I need to.

Understanding Khaki

Something blew my mind when I first learned it: People don’t realize that khaki is more than a single color. All along, I believed that the term khaki referred to that shade of light brownish-tan, and I never knew there was much more to it.

Check out this color chart I put together:

Shade of Khaki 


Best Paired With

Light Khaki 

Pale tan 

Pastels, white

Classic Khaki 

Medium tan

Most colors

Dark Khaki 

Deep tan 

Rich, dark hues

Green Khaki 


Earth tones

The Color Theory Behind Great Outfits

When I’m choosing a dress shirt to go with khaki pants, I think about these color relationships:

Dress Shirts Go with Khaki Pants
  • Complementary colors: These are complementary and opposite each other on the color wheel, which gives them a striking appearance. For that perfect pair of pants, try navy blue or deep purple for your khakis.
  • Analogous colors: These two colors are adjacent on the color wheel and match well. Regarding khakis, I prefer using colors related to the earth, such as olive green or rust orange.
  • Monochromatic: This is when you use different tones of the same color; it does make a difference. By now, I know it goes well with a lighter or darker tone of brown or tan for my khakis.

Understanding these relationships has helped me create some awesome dress combinations. I promise once you get the swing of it, your mind will be flooded with fabulous ideas, and you’ll be a style master as well!

What Color Dress Shirts Go with Khaki Pants?

Dress Shirts Go with Khaki Pants

Here are my go-to dress shirt colors that always look great with khaki pants:

White Dress Shirts with Khaki Pants

    I can’t count how many times a crisp white shirt has saved me. It’s basically the Clark Kent of the Closet. Whether I’m going for an interview or for a date, white and khaki are one color combination that always works.

    Dress Shirts Go with Khaki Pants
    White Dress Shirts with Khaki Pants

    Pro tip: When wearing these typical shoes, I like to use corporal accessories to make the other dark shades more prominent. A tie, like a burgundy tie or a reception navy blazer, could make a big difference to the event.

    Light Blue Dress Shirts with Khaki Pants

    Light Blue Dress Shirts with Khaki Pants
    Light Blue Dress Shirts with Khaki Pants

      Light blue is always my ‘go-to‘ outfit color since it gives a ‘fancy‘ look without wearing fancy attire. It is somewhat lighter in tone than pure white, yet it maintains a professional and business-like vibe. Yes, this last one was worn to my cousin’s graduation last year, and people complimented me so much on it!

      Pink Dress Shirts with Khaki Pants

        But there is nothing like a light pink T-shirt over khaki trousers. It’s awesome. It is somewhat surprising but still sober or a bit conservative at the same time.

        Light Blue Dress Shirts with Khaki Pants
        Light Blue Dress Shirts with Khaki Pants

        I wore this one to the summer wedding of my friends, and I was the best-dressed man there, save for the groom, of course.

        Lavender Dress Shirts with Khaki Pants

          Simply, lavender is a more subtle and relaxed version of pink. The shirt can be worn during spring and summer events on its own with khaki trousers or under a blazer or suit.

          Light Blue Dress Shirts with Khaki Pants
          Light Blue Dress Shirts with Khaki Pants

          It has a sense of being young, unprepossessing, and informal, something that can effectively be utilized in business meetings or when going to work on a Friday morning.

          Light Green Dress Shirts with Khaki Pants

            Green and khaki? Trust me, it works. A light sage or mint green shirt, teamed with grey or black chinos, would look great.

            Light Green Dress Shirts with Khaki Pants
            Light Green Dress Shirts with Khaki Pants

            I wore this combination for a date at a botanical garden, and though it felt appropriately thematic, I was not in the character of being a bloom myself.

              Whenever I need to dress up a bit or look rather professional, I grab my navy blue shirt. This combo is a power play, especially when the pants are lighter; it refers to colored khakis.

              Navy Blue Dress Shirts with Khaki Pants
              Navy Blue Dress Shirts with Khaki Pants

              When I feel this combo, I know I am fully prepared to take on anything, including meeting other people.

              Black Dress Shirts with Khaki Pants

                I wear this when I’m a little on the sinful side: black with khaki. It is not the combination that one would expect to come across occasionally, which is why I find this somewhat entertaining.

                Black Dress Shirts with Khaki Pants
                Black Dress Shirts with Khaki Pants

                I wore this to a gallery opening once, and I felt that I belonged in that frame of middle-upper-class art lovers.

                Patterned Dress Shirts with Khaki Pants

                  Patterns are alright! Sometimes, even a thin stripe or check can transform an outfit. I have this gingham shirt, which is perfect for wearing with khaki pants.

                  Patterned Dress Shirts with Khaki Pants
                  Patterned Dress Shirts with Khaki Pants

                  I use this place regularly for Sunday brunch with friends.

                  Styling Tips: Dress Shirts with Khaki Pants

                  Over the years, I’ve picked up some tricks that have really elevated my khaki-and-dress-shirt game:

                  Dress Shirts Go with Khaki Pants
                  Before and After
                  • Please pay attention to fit. I was a big fan of wearing baggy khakis and oversized shirts because I thought they were much more comfortable. However, when I first tried practicing wearing well-fitting outfits, it was as if I discovered a new dimension. My hair appeared shinier, my face was less puffy, and I felt more stylish.
                  • Remember the belt: The quality of the belt deserves some attention. For instance, a good leather belt can make a difference in an individual’s dress code. I usually try to find my belt and shoes that will amaze each other in appearance.
                  • Roll those sleeves: If I feel a little relaxed, I roll the sleeves of the shirt and make myself look a little informal. I can’t even describe how incredible it is to add a simple shoe and have the whole outfit seem more casual; I love it.
                  • Experiment with textures: This is usually a classy look achieved with a smooth dress shirt and textured khakis or vice versa. People, especially women, feel it complements the outfit or helps to deepen the look without being overbearing.
                  • Accessorize wisely: Even something as simple as a watch, sunglasses, or bracelet can help you wear a good dress or pair of trousers beautifully. But don’t overdo it—I found that out the hard way!

                  Seasonal Dress Shirt and Khaki Pant Combinations

                  The one thing I like about the combination of khaki pants and dress shirts is that they are versatile between seasons. Here’s how I adapt my outfits throughout the year:

                  Dress Shirts Go with Khaki Pants
                  • Khaki pants and light-colored shirts, pink, light blue, lavender, etc.
                  • Slightly rolled-up shirt sleeves for a laid-back look
                  • Sneakers, slides, slip-ons, or any form of low-top shoes, especially if they are loafers or boat shoes without socks.


                  • Medium-brown shades that are darker and richer in color (navy, forest green, burgundy).
                  • Although it can be worn on its own, layer it with sweaters or blazers
                  • Oxford shoes or boots

                  It was recalled that I was in a light blue shirt with khaki trousers and boat shoes on the Fourth of July barbecue last year. It was perfect. It did not make me look over-celebrated, but rather Punkt cheerful, which I am a big fan of.

                  Real Talk: Challenges and Solutions

                  Now, I’ll be honest – it has not always been a breeze when it comes to my style path. Here are some challenges I’ve faced and how I’ve overcome them:


                  Khakis are prone to wrinkling, which I used to stress about. My solution?

                  I had to purchase a good steamer. At least it takes less time than ironing, and my pants remain wrinkle-free for the whole day.


                  I must have learned this the hard way when I wore light-colored khakis, which appear to attract stains more than anything else.

                  I discovered this the hard way during a spaghetti dinner when I made a real mess. Now, I have a stain remover pen in my bag in case of any mishap occurring in the future.

                  Dress Shirts Go with Khaki Pants

                  Finding the right fit

                  This was all trial and error, and I finally found brands that suited me off the shelf. Again, feel free to sample different brands and sizes to find out which is the best for your petite body.

                  Color matching

                  I previously had a difficult time understanding how different colors could complement or clash with each other.

                  My solution was always capturing other outfits I would find appealing and making a quick style reference for myself on my phone. It’s been a game-changer!

                  Where to Shop Dress Shirt and Khaki Pant

                  There are some brands I could turn to each time I search for a good khaki or a formal dress shirt. Here are my top picks:

                  For Khakis:

                  • Dockers: A recreation of the original suits. They fit, look authentic, and have incredible quality.
                  • J. Crew: Again, slim fit options are available, which is good enough, and there are excellent color options.
                  • Bonobos: Ideal for muscular and strong-frame-bodied people

                  For Dress Shirts:

                  • Charles Tyrwhitt: These are products of terrific quality; you can constantly discover them at a great price cut.
                  • Uniqlo: Affordable, good fit
                  • Brooks Brothers: They are more expensive but very durable compared to their cheaper counterparts.

                  Just remember that I am just sharing my own biased opinion. This means that the brands that are the best for you may also differ due to certain body types and styles.

                  Final Thoughts

                  Whew! We have certainly covered quite several topics in this section of the paper. From the color hue to the fashion tricks of pairing dress shirts and khaki pants, I believe you have learned something helpful from this post.

                  Finally, remember that fashion is not about wearing the best outfit but being the best that you can be in the outfit that fits you.

                  An important principle I have come to appreciate is that fashion should be enjoyable and not cause distress. Therefore, do not be ashamed; search for the unique style that suits you best. Who knows? You may find something you adopt as your new staple style or outfit.


                  What color compliments khaki?

                  Some traditional colors that can be associated with formal suits are navy, white, and black. It is best to use down-to-earth colors like olive green, brown, and cream, to mention but a few. To go a notch higher, one may decide to use burgundy, pastel, or even other brighter colors.

                  What color shirt goes with tan pants?

                  Light blue, white, and cream colors give a relaxed and likable atmosphere. A light blue or white dress shirt can be worn for a formal event. For a richer color, one may want to consider burgundy or a deeper green.

                  Do khakis go with T-shirts?

                  Yes! A well-fitted T-shirt in the right color, a plain color, or a simple stripe gives off an effortless but classy vibe.

                  What color jacket to wear with khaki pants?

                  If the navy blazer is properly worn, it can represent a sharp look. Leather jackets are more aggressive; they have the textiles of a rebel; bomber jackets look stylish yet laid-back, and denim jackets look cool and casual.

                  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

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