How To Style a Polo Shirt Female: Chic Outfit Ideas

Style a Polo Shirt Female

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The polo shirt. Known to some as the epitome of what a great barbecue on the weekend or business fashion casual Friday means, it is a fashion no-no to others. However, what if we tell you that the Polo can become your new best friend in looking stylish? For women, the Polo is timeless, comfortable, and can instantly be styled up or down depending on the occasion.

In this comprehensive article, we’ll explore how to Style a Polo Shirt Female to choose the right Polo for your body type, various styling options for different occasions, accessorizing tips, and ways to dress up your Polo for formal events. If this is your first time using a polo shirt, or you want some upgrade tips, this guide will be helpful.

What is a Polo Shirt?

A polo shirt is actually neither a formal dress shirt nor a casual T-shirt but lies in between the two. It has a foldable soft collar, not as formal as a shirt, but does not lack style as it is just buttoned on a front panel with a few buttons.

How To Style a Polo Shirt Female

Since polo shirts are cut from lightweight textile materials such as knitted fabrics and pique cotton, they are ideal for summer. They are available in short sleeves even though styles with long sleeves are also available in the market.

Altogether, these shirts symbolize a step up from wearing a T-shirt but are still more informal than button-ups, so they can be worn anytime.

How to Choose the Right Polo Shirt for Your Body Type?

Well, this is as far as it gets, and it’s personal. Everyone has their special case, and what is good for me might not be good for you. I have some advice for each type of body!

1. For Hourglass Body Shape

If you have those curves like me, wear a more fitted polo outfit to emphasize the waistline. I like to wear mine with a belt so I can maximize the full-figure dress, that actual hourglass figure. I assure you that this is one of those few differences that makes a big difference.

For instance, I recall feeling uncomfortable wearing stiff polo shirts with a boxy look that hid the shape of the figure. After that, I came across a bright and fascinating science called darts! Subtle darts at the Paw of the Polo make the clothing silhouette more feminine.

It’s simple yet elegant, and I recently got this beautiful navy polo shirt with white piping that has a slim line at the Waist – I wear it on my date nights.

2. For Pear’s Body Shape

My best friend has a pear-shaped body type, and she always looks beautiful in polos paired with A-line skirts or wide-leg pants. It’s good that it is plump. It complements her figure well, balancing it out.

How To Style a Polo Shirt Female

I always wonder how she always manages to look so beautiful and stylish. She told me to focus on the area above the Waist and whether the Polo has collar contrast, emblems, etc. This helps to get the sight upward and makes the overall look well-balanced.

We used to locate matching polos with cute floral embroidery on the collar, which she paired with a flowy midi skirt. It was perfection!

3. For Apple Body Shape

For apple-shaped, I recommend a slightly looser-fit polo. It is nice when combined with straight-leg pants or a flowy skirt to balance the outfit’s proportions. I noticed this on my colleague, and it looks so beautiful on me!

polo style shirts womens

She prefers dresses with vertical stripes or polos with raw hemlines or color blocking, which provides an elongated look. Oh, and here’s a pro tip she shared with me: do not button the last button and allow the Polo to fall freely without any tightening. It forms a V-shape that looks stunning.

4. For Athletic Body Shape

If you are among those muscular building types, you have a promising start-up for it—lucky you! The beauty here is that you can pretty much pull off any fashion style.

polo style shirts womens

For the top, I would suggest going for a slim-fit polo to flaunt those arms. My neighbor, who happens to be a gym fanatic, does this, and after her exercise, she appears so classy.

She also loves her sleeveless polos, which are versatile and practical, and flaunting sculpted shoulders. I once wore one of hers to a beach volleyball game, and I truly felt like a model in a sportswear magazine…

5. For Petite Body Shape

I recommend a cropped polo for my petite girls, or you could tuck it into high-waisted bottoms. This stretches your legs more than usual and gives you that tall look. I even tried this trick once and can tell you now that I felt I had added some inches to my height.

polo style shirts womens

My petite cousin loves traveling and says that her most prominent wardrobe staple is polos, preferably in monochrome. The White-Nenu will also dress her in all white—a white polo top, white jeans, and white sports shoes.

It creates an unbroken vertical line that elongates her height. Plus, it’s so trendy—a minimalist aesthetic everywhere you look!

What are the Different Ways to Style a Polo Shirt?

Okay, this is where things get interesting! I’ve experimented with so many different styles over the years, and here are my absolute favorites:

1. With High-waisted Jean

This is my outfit for casual Friday at the workplace, when I do not wish to dress formally but do not want to appear as if I was dressed for a casual weekend errand either.

I roll my polo shirt a little at the bottom, button a pair of high-waisted jeans on them, and put on a pair of adorable flats, and there’s nothing that can stop me for the day!

women's polo shirt outfit ideas

I also enjoy mixing and matching various J-jeans. As I said, jeans are versatile and can make any occasion stylish. Skinny jeans are tight and blend the body shape for a more streamlined form, but mom jeans have looser contours and a more laid-back appearance.

Oh, and here’s a little styling secret: there is the French tuck if you want something more casual. To wear this kind of Polo, just put the tucked part in front, and the back remains clumsy. It is classy yet comfortable, which is a great deal to achieve for any formal business wear.

2. Tucked into a Skirt

The Polo tucked into a flowy midi skirt offers a more feminine aesthetic, a style I enjoy. While it’s excellent for brunch or a relaxed date night, it can inspire all sorts of meals to be prepared. That outfit, I totally feel like a total boss, babe!

women's polo shirt outfit ideas

I have also recently had a feeling of the with polos and have often worn them with pleated skirts. It is just something about having that buttoned-up top that accompanies that bottom that is free and flowy.

I once wore a forest green polo and a metallic pleated skirt for a gallery launching, and everyone complimented me.

3. Layered with a Blazer

If I want to look even more professional, I wear a blazer over the polo tee. That’s like a fairy spell, which makes one look presentable immediately. I have worn this kind of clothes to interviews and other important meetings /appointments.

women's polo shirt outfit ideas

But the most essential thing to remember is that not all blazers fit the description of a trendy, chic, and timeless piece of clothing. I like those a little loose – it does not make it look so formal or formalistic. And do not be afraid to use colors in your workspace! Pale-colored blazers on top of white polo shirts are what I wear for business meetings during spring, my go-to.

Here’s a tip: ask your tailor to make your blazer fit a bit longer so that a little of the polo shirt can be seen when you roll up the sleeves. It also gives some sporty and relaxed feel to what could have been a completely formal appearance.

4. Paired with Shorts

In the summer, I wear a polo shirt and nice fitting shorts, and sometimes, on sweltering days, particularly when summery weather is at its best, I slip into my swimming trunks. It is warm, airy, and great for shopping, walking, and resting in a nearby park.

women's polo shirt outfit ideas

They should also contrast here to your big fan. A polo dress fitted while wearing loose and flowing shorts gives the right proportion. Finally, be bold when turning a short length; it is always possible to try to experiment.

They are slim-cut, long Bermudas – formal – and paired with a tucked-in polo, they look very classy. I also team it up with athletic shorts and sneakers for that sporty feel on the golf course. It is sleek for biking on weekends or any other casual event like a picnic.

5. Belted at the Waist

I finished the best tool that may be secretly used for shape creation. I always prefer to tie my Polo above the stomach area, especially if paired with a skirt or flowing material.

women's polo shirt outfit ideas

It will make me so slender as I always desired an hourglass shape! In this case, the belt does not necessarily have to be anything luxurious or expensive. On some occasions, I wear a normal leather belt, while on other occasions, I opt for a belt with a big buckle. Yeah, it depends on the outfit I am trying to make.

How to Dress Up a Polo Shirt for a Formal Occasion?

Yes, you heard that right! Polo shirts work for formal occasions. Here’s how I do it:

1. With a Pencil Skirt

I wear a clean, neat, white-collar polo with a sleek black pencil skirt for a tidier and classier look. This type of clothing is ideal for days when one needs to dress formally but feels relaxed and lazy at the same time.

polo style shirts womens

The crucial thing in this context is the choice of the Polo – the garment should be of good quality and perfectly fit the wearer’s body. It would help if you looked neat, and you cannot afford to wear a three-piece suit with baggy sleeves or collars that no longer look crisp.

I prefer polos in premium fabrics such as silk/cotton blended fabrics for the sheer class they bring. Wearing pointed leather heels and light accessories are recommended to enhance this effect.

2. Under a Blazer

When you wear a polo shirt with a pair of formal trousers, it makes it formal, but when you add a blazer to the polo shirt, it becomes more formal. I have worn this to a business meeting and felt so empowered that no one could defeat me.

polo style shirts womens

The important thing that you should pay attention to is the combination of colors you choose. A navy blazer over a simple white polo is one of the all-time best ensembles you could make. However, as you mix things up, don’t shy away from getting a bit colorful!

Wearing a pastel-colored polo tucked under a neutral-colored blazer is a good combination for a more feminine appearance for a formal event.

3. With Dress Pants

A polo maintains a professional look when worn with neatly tailored trousers such as dress pants. This look is most appropriate in semi-formal occasions, especially when one intends to stand out. For this look, the wide-leg trousers are the best option.

They give a soft, long line where a shirt cuts the legs, making the overall combination look harmonious because of a strict polo. New high heels were added – you’ll have long legs then! If you want to wear a plain color of shirt, then try matching it with colored pants for a neat and appealing dressing sense.

Any color combination that ranges from black also seems stylish and formal, mainly if it includes pieces of different fabrics (for instance, a silk polo and wool trousers).

4. Paired with Heels

Isn’t it amazing how we will do anything in heels? They can turn a simple polo shirt and pair of jeans on its wearer into a more formal attire for a dinner occasion. What I’m saying is not about the everyday piece of garment pumps we see out there.

style a plaid shirt

Clothing: This is where the fun begins; picture stilettos with straps, going for ankle boots, maybe even boots that reach the knees when it is chilly. While the shirt is quite relaxed, the trousers paired with it and, more so, the shoes offer a formal stamp of some sophisticated bling.

What are Some Accessories to Pair with a Polo Shirt?

Accessories can make or break an outfit. Here are my favorite ways to jazz up a polo shirt:

1. Statement Necklace

I love statement necklaces so much!!! They can go a long way to decorating a plain polo. The last time I wore one was at a dinner party, and people asked me where they could get the “fancy top.”

The secret is to settle for a necklace that should loop around the neck and stop at your Polo collar. Well, I still have this big gold necklace that complements my new white polo shirt. Consider wearing several thin necklaces simultaneously if you want a more refined style.

2. Scarf

Should the day be cooler, I can also wear it with my polo attire by wearing a silk scarf. I appreciate the dignity and warmth it brings into the house. Win-win!

Well, it can always go either around the neck, somehow tucked into the polo shirt, hanging loosely from the top button, or tied around the neck without even being thrown over the shoulders.

It can be worn around the neck simply by looping it through the two ends and threading them through the loops, worn across the shoulders like a shawl, or worn as a headband by folding the cloth and looping the ends through the now-folded end. One day, I tied a long, thin bandage, which was possible to wear. I even used a long, narrow scarf as a belt; it was so stylish!

Pro tip: Patterned scarves are a good match if you wear plain Polo. They prevent the outfit from looking overaccessorized while giving the clothing a visually striking boost.

3. Sunglasses

A nice pair of sunglasses can add that little something extra and turn your Polo wear from plain to glamorous. I always make sure I am dressed with it whenever I go out! The last outcome that I have found preferable is matching the sunglasses style to the rest of the ensemble.

For formal wear, or more specifically, a polo shirt, Ray Ban aviators will suffice. And of course, if I decide to go for something slightly more rebellious, say a black polo shirt with leather trousers, I will require some theatrical-looking cat eye sunglasses.

4. Chunky Bracelet

What can I say? I love to have arm candy. One can easily accompany the polo shirt with great legacy jeans or trousers complemented by a chunky bracelet or a set of bangles. Skinny metal bracelets are a favorite of mine, and mixing two kinds of metal is a great idea.

Wearing gold, silver, and rose gold bracelets brings a watching and interesting factor to the wrist. But if you’re wearing a short-sleeved polo, it shows them off in the best possible way.

The wooden or beaded bracelets can be worn for the hearty bohemian touch. They complement the preppy polo shirt by giving it an earthy touch and tapping into nature.

5. Crossbody Bag

Since it’s a crossbody bag, it’s small and convenient and would be perfect to accompany polo shirt outfits. It is functional and can be creative without overdoing it in appearance. Well, I also own this fine and tiny leather crossbody, which complements most of my outfits.

style a plaid shirt

Experimenting where one can try out various styles and material types is fine. One product that looks fabulous with Polo is a straw bag, perfect for summer if you are heading for a picnic. Or go chic by opting for a structured bag in case you attend work-related meetings and seminars.

And hey, if you are not much of a sportsman, don’t mind going for a fanny pack. They are back in fashion, and when worn across the body, they give a punky street vibe to Polo.


Every woman should have a polo shirt in her wardrobe because it is timeless and can be worn in nearly every situation. Styling is not restricted to casual events only; it can be worn even on formal business occasions.

You must pay attention to what body type they do and don’t suit, mix, and match your styles, and don’t hesitate to dress up or down a pair. Following these steps and ideas could help you build as many nice ensembles as possible based on your polo shirt. And you are set to go out there and rock your Polo as you embroider them.


Can I wear a polo shirt to work?

Absolutely! I do it very frequently; it is like my second skin. As long as it is well teamed with appropriate pants or skirt, the issue of dressing becomes small. To increase the formality, a blazer should be worn on top of this particular polo shirt. Finally, do not wear bright colors or anything that stands out; always wear white, black, or navy to stick with the look of the organization.

How do I know if my polo shirt fits correctly?

So it should fit close to the body but not too tight; it should end just at or slightly below the hips. As a Luther of that, my favorite is Endpoint, which is always the “raise your armstest; if there are too many skin shows, it is too short! The sleeves should come down to the midpoint of the arms, while the shoulder seam should sit in the precise spot where your shoulders are located. But if one is in between sizes, it is better to go for the bigger size if that is better for comfort.

Can I wear a polo shirt in winter?

YES! I layer mine under sweaters or jackets to minimize the chances of it coming into contact with dirt or being exposed to friction. It is elegant and straightforward and gives a preppy feel to winter wear. In cases where this is a problem, try wearing a turtleneck underneath your polo shirt or a thick sweater over the shirt. It also has a polo shirt made from wool materials or a long-sleeved polo shirt that is ideal for winter.

Can I wear a polo shirt if I have a large bust?

Of course! I know a lady whose bust size is even bigger, and she is so comfortable in polo shirts. Her secret? She prefers polyester-based polos mainly because she finds fabrics that can stretch a little and opts for something not too fitted. She also strongly believes in polos with even a low V-neck—they give the right kind of neckline.

Can I wear a polo shirt if I’m pregnant?

Absolutely! I remember that while pregnant with my first child, I used polo shirts most of the time. I wore them for a comfortable fit on occasions when they could be worn untucked over maternity jeans or leggings. It was a nice change to look and feel like I stepped out of the house polished and clean, all while not having to compromise comfy clothing.
For the later stages of pregnancy, I was looking for comfortable clothes that can be jokingly considered uniforms, and I liked polo shirt dresses very much. All you have to do is wear a belt over the bump to create the ap­pear­ance of curves, and you are ready to go!

How do I prevent the collar of my polo shirt from curling?

I hate those curling collars so much! I have discovered that starch adds the finishing touch, making the collar remain crispy even after ironing. When it comes to collar stays, I have not found some people’s use of these very useful because of their small size.
The most cunning method involves rolling up the collar immediately after removing the polo from the dryer and flattening it back when it is already cold. This appears to instruct the collar to hold its position more securely if not to be placed on another animal.

Can I wear a polo shirt to a job interview?

This depends on the job and the organization’s culture for which one works or Parses. A polo shirt, for instance, is possible if the establishment operates within the casual and creative bracket. I once wore a bright white polo shirt under dress trousers with a blazer for an interview with a software company; this got me the job!

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