Single Stitch vs Double Stitch: Which One Should You Choose?

single stitch shirt vs double stitch

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Another thing that you might need to consider when sewing is whether to use a single stitch or use double stitch for the project that you are working on. Of course, both forms of stitches have their own advantages and the application of one or the other will depend on even the most minor of differences in the characteristics of the project being undertaken.

Today, I would like to focus on the topic of the construction of the shirt and have designed it in such a manner that you can clearly distinguish between Single Stitch vs Double Stitch. As a person who always tries to distinguish between garment details and take into consideration their various attributes when designing, this kind of topic has always interested me.

What is a Single Stitch?

I will begin with the single stitch. One type of construction is sewing, in which a loose thread is used to connect the fabric pieces. Simple, right?

Well, that simplicity is what makes single stitch shirts so darn appealing to many of us gowns await Warren Buffet the man behind Sears.

what does single stitch mean

I have noticed a big plus of single stitch shirts and that is the fact that they are light, and give you more breathe. These pieces of clothing are best suited for wear during the summer season or any activity that requires looser garments and breathable fabric. They let your skin breathe rather than making you feel sticky like when you are sweating in uncomfortable clothes.

But that’s not all! Shirts made of single stitches also cost significantly less when compared to shirts that have been stitched in a double stitch. This makes them a good option for those who want to dress well but are on a tight budget or otherwise prefer changing clothes frequently without spending too much.

Now, you may wonder – “But what about the durability?” – and it is a perfectly valid thing to ask. Single stitch shirts may not be as durable as the shirts that incorporate more stitches per garment, but it should also be noted that this type of shirt would suffice the needs of laid-back casual wear. All you have to do is handle them carefully, and they will be useful to you in every way you could need.

What is Double Stitch?

Their, the double stitch – the sturdy and long-enduring companion to the shirt clan. This construction method involves forming two loops and then loom the fabric pieces together so that they are stronger as compared to a single thread.

single stitch vs double stitch t-shirt

Another benefit associated with double stitch shirts is that they pay a lot of attention to the aspect of durability. These bad boys can take anything that you throw at them, which means you can safely wear them out in the field, if you are a laborer, or engage in any other arduous task where your shirts have to be hardy as a man.

However, it’s not only the durability, that makes double stitch shirts to be favorites among many people. They also look neater and more polished, which could be useful when going out to dinner, at a business meeting, or to another form of event. It gives the finishing look that makes a big difference and gives you that neat touch, which will transform your general appearance.

However, let me discuss the disadvantages associated with consuming the products these companies produce. Shirts offered through double stitch can cost more than shirts with a single stitch and therefore are relatively costly for people with less disposable income.

They can also be a tad on the heavier side and less than optimal for ventilation, which can be a drawback for users living in hot areas with high humidity.

Single Stitch vs Double Stitch: Key Differences

To drive home the differences between these two stitch types, let’s compare them side by side:


Single Stitch 

Double Stitch













Ideal For 

Everyday wear, hot weather 

Rugged activities, formal settings

As you can see, the choice between single stitch and double stitch comes down to your personal preferences, lifestyle, and budget.

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When to Choose Single Stitch

If one is the kind of person who is very particular with comfort and ease of breathing most especially on shirts, then single stitch shirts might just fit the bill. They are quite appropriate for those moments when you do not feel like dressing up formally: going shopping, staying at home in your free time, or going to the beach.

what is a single stitch t shirt

Nothing looks more comfortable yet chic as a perfectly tailored single stitch t-shirt or a single stitch formal shirt. Chains such as J. Crew and Banana Republic have successfully elevated the basic shirt with a single stitch collar to elegance.

However, single stitch shirts are not only worn occasionally or formally in the present times. They can also be made dressy, just to keep up with the right accessories and outfits. Coordinate a tailored single stitch shirt with a tailored blazer and chinos and you’re ready for work or dinner out.

Single Stitch vs Double Stitch – Reddit

When to Choose Double Stitch

Now, if you are one who always prefers the functionality of shirts that come with features such as high durability for many years, then double stitch shirts should be your best bet.

If you want buttons that can take a beating and don’t mind them looking a little rough around the edges then these are the buttons for you. outdoor work or even manual labor, hunting fishing, hiking, biking, etc Here is where these shirt buttons shine.

Carhartt and Dickies are famous for their double stitch work shirts, which are often worn by construction site workers and mechanics among other employees who require a robust shirt that can last longer.

double stitch t shirt

Although double stitch shirts which were articulated above are worn by people who are involved in rough activities, they are also worn by other individuals. They can also be selectively used to look more fashionable or formal or as appropriate to specific workplaces. The image of a well-fitted double stitch dress shirt gives you that extra edge and makes you look sharp and well-dressed for a corporate office setting or formal event.

This is concerning a study conducted by the American Apparel & Footwear Association where it was evident that double stitch shirts had the benefit of 30 % longer duration as compared to other single stitch shirts.

Caring for Single Stitch and Double Stitch Shirts

Now, no matter what kind of stitch type you select, proper care of the shirts is required so that they remain in the best of their form and are used for as long as possible.

Here are a few tips I’ve picked up over the years:

For single stitch shirts:

  • Rinse them in cold water and should not scrub them too much with soap as this will harm the clothes as they are very thin.
  • Do not wash and please hang to dry or dry inside the washing machine at a low temperature to avoid shrinkage of the shirt.
  • Do not post iron or steam because the heat softens the single stitch seams and will soon pour again.

For double stitch shirts:

  • It can be slightly more rigorous, say regarding washing, where it is necessary to use warm water or a soap meant for daily washing.
  • Hand drying is advised, but if the garment has to be tumble dried, then it is suggested to use a heat setting that is a little higher.
  • Iron or steam as desired, so that the fabric can withstand the heat and pressure required by the double stitch seams.

Just as a reminder, protecting the shirt is a form of investing in the longevity and the quality appearance of the shirts regardless of the type of stitch used in creating them.


And that’s all the information I have to share with you so far! I trust that the detailed breakdown of the Single Stitch vs Double Stitch has helped to demystify the distinctions, as well as the appropriate use for each.

However, the basic concept is simple, and it all depends on your personality, chart, and values. Congrats if you are one of those people who loves single stitch shirts and comfort along with breathability is on your top list.

However, if durability and longevity are the paramount considerations you have, then it’s all about double stitch shirts.

As you select the stitch type, ensure that you enjoy dressing up and wear that which you feel is best for you. Well, it would be wrong to assume that clothes are designed to be worn with some freedom and a pinch of eccentricity.


What is a single stitch t-shirt used for?

Single stitch tees are typically casual wear. They can be great for everyday wear, layering, or creating a vintage-inspired look.

What is a single stitch t-shirt worth?

The value depends on factors like brand, age, condition, and material. Vintage single stitch tees can be worth more, especially for specific brands or graphics.

Are all single stitch shirts vintage?

No, not all single stitch tees are vintage. However, the technique was more common before the late 90s/early 2000s, so finding a single stitch shirt today might indicate it’s older.

Is double stitch better than single stitch?

Not necessarily! Double stitching might be considered more durable, but single stitching can be comfortable and some prefer its vintage look.

Why do people want single stitch tees?

Vintage aesthetic: They offer a classic, vintage-inspired look.
Comfort: The single stitch can create a softer, more comfortable feel compared to double stitching.
Durability: While some might think double stitching is stronger, single stitching can be quite durable, especially in well-made vintage tees.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

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